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  • What About Bathroom Breaks?
    Shallowtails understands when 'Nature Calls'. There are places between fishing spots that we can stop at if the need arises.
  • What happens with inclement weather?
    The weather is always changing along the Gulf Coast so if bad weather is a possibility, the decision to go or not will be made as close to the time of the trip as possible to get the most accurate forecast. Safety is the #1 priority so we will always air on the side of caution.
  • Do You Accept Credit Cards?
    Yes! Visa, MasterCard and Amex.
  • Which amenities are available onboard with Shallowtails Adventures?
    When you book a trip with Shallowtails Adventures, you can expect the following amenities onboard: GPS Fishfinder Live Bait Well Multimedia System Wireless Trolling Motor Ice Box
  • Can You Accommodate Large Groups?
    Absolutely! With Shallowtails' network of skilled, qualified, licensed, and insured captains, we can accommodate almost any size group. However, we need to plan these events out as far in advance as possible.
  • Can I Bring My Young Child?
    Absolutely! Shallowtails encourages parents to bring their children fishing and pass on the passion of the sport for generations to come.
  • What are the trip rates for Shallowtails Adventures?
    Shallowtails Adventures offers the following trips to customers: $300 per group, additional $50 per person after 3 guests - Kids Trip (2 hours) $500 per group - Backcountry Marsh (4 hours minimum) $550 per group - Inshore Bay (4 hours minimum) $600 per group - Nearshore Coastal (5 hours minimum) All trips can be booked for la onger duration than the minimum time for an extra $75 per hour.
  • Can I keep my fish to eat?
    Yes, of course this depends on fishing regulations and seasonal limits.
  • What fishing techniques does Shallowtails Adventures offer?
    Shallowtails Adventures offers the following fishing techniques: Light Tackle Bottom Fishing Trolling Spinning Fly Fishing (Bring your equipment) Drift Fishing
  • What Should I Wear?
    In hotter months (May- Sept) wear something that is SPF rated, cool and comfortable. In cooler months (Late November - April) try and wear clothes that layer well. An example would be to wear long sleeve shirt, fleece or pullover sweatshirt and a jacket. A rain jacket is always recommended.
  • What types of fishing does Shallowtails Adventures offer?
    Shallowtails Adventures offers the following types of fishing: Inshore Fishing Nearshore Fishing Offshore Fishing Flats Fishing Backcountry Fishing
  • Which fish species can I catch with Shallowtails Adventures?
    Top targeted fish species with Shallowtails Adventures include: Flounder King Mackerel (Kingfish) Ladyfish Redfish Snapper (Red) Spanish Mackerel Spotted Seatrout Tarpon Please Note: we try to target fish based on what species are biting as well as species that are in season if keeping fish to eat is desired. If there is a particular species of fish you would like to catch let me know in advance and I will do my best to make it happen!
  • What should I bring?
    You should bring your phone or camera for your pictures, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses and a hat. There are limited storage compartments, but remember it is only a 4-5 hour trip.
  • What's included in the trip price with Shallowtails Adventures?
    Trips booked with Shallowtails Adventures include: Rods, reels & tackle (Daiwa) Live Bait (Depends on the season if it's used) Lures Catch cleaning & filleting Drinks (Water) Fishing License
  • Can We Fish Out of My Own Boat?
    Yes, please call Captain Michael Cowart at 850-532-0232 for specific details and scheduling.
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